A Writ For Martyrs — Eustace Mullins

A Writ For Martyrs — Eustace Mullins


Compilation of American martyrs fully documented from government files. Illustrated with facsimiles of documents.



This is a highly provocative and revealing expose by Eustace Mullins of the decades-long campaign by J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI to destroy Mullins, even to the point of conspiring to have him incarcerated in an insane asylum as they did his mentor, famed American poet Ezra Pound. Mullins managed, through the Freedom of Information Act, to gain access to more than 500 pages of files and communiqués relating to the FBI’s schemes against him and many actual pages of these files are photographically reproduced in this remarkable work. And—Mullins points out—many hundreds of other pages remain classified for reasons, the FBI says, of “national security.” You’ll be amazed to read what happened to Mullins and his friends and family for the simple reason that criminal elements in the U.S. government wanted to stop Mullins from speaking out. If you ever have any doubt that the police state is now here, this amazing work will dispel those doubts.

Book Type: Paperback


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