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What is "Infinite Banking"?

The Infinite Banking Concept® began with the book Becoming Your Own Banker by R. Nelson Nash. The following excerpt from the book can best answer the question: “What is Infinite Banking?”

“This book is not about investments of any kind. It is about how one finances the things of life. It is not about rates of return. As time goes by, interest rates are up and interest rates are down — but the process of banking goes on no matter what is happening. It is a well-known fact that banks make more money during times of low interest rates than when rates are high.”

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Meet James C. Neathery

Becoming Your Own Banker – The Infinite Banking Concept has now been in print since 2000 and I have taught its message in hundreds of seminars all over the United States through the sponsorship of financial professionals. As a result of all this activity, I get to meet and work with some truly remarkable individuals who grasp this concept and practice it in their own lives and can be the financial coach that is necessary in helping individuals adopt this life-changing concept. Among these sponsors there are some superstars and James Neathery is among the best in this elite group. He has sponsored dozens of seminars and it has been a great pleasure to watch him develop his unique talents. This man is a real student of liberty and can articulate its’ wonders. I encourage all to learn from him.”

R. Nelson Nash, Author, Becoming Your Own Banker

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